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Paris Photo 2017

Paris Photo

For the past twenty-one years, the international photography community has gathered in November for Paris Photo, a photography fair featuring dealers’ booths, curated displays, artist talks, and photobooks. It takes place in the Grand Palais, a historic building with a vast metal-and-glass skylight that sets a beautiful tone for exploring the fair. The range of galleries is quite broad, from established to up-and-coming, presenting a wide variety of vintage and contemporary photographs. The emphasis is on art, but there are a few dealers who specialize in vernacular material or other genres of photography, particularly fashion and documentary/photojournalism.

#5WomenArtists: Five Female Photographers You Should Know

Three hand-colored photographs of women

As a historian of photography, I’ve always been grateful that the medium’s canon contains a relatively large number of women’s names when compared to the other visual arts. Anna Atkins and Julia Margaret Cameron are well-known characters in the story of photography’s first few decades, and Cindy Sherman and Annie Leibowitz are only a couple of the medium’s more recent stars. One reason for this may be that the invention of photography occurred in 1839—well into the modern age—whereas painting and sculpture are much older, by millennia. Still, the first famous woman artist that comes to my mind is Artemisia Gentileschi, who worked in the early 1600s. It is impossible to deny that most people would cite more men than women when asked to name famous photographers. Therefore, I thought I would mention five who, in my opinion, should be better known.

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