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This month Google adds more than 1,000 new destinations to experience via street view. It looks like we are one of the first destinations locally (Rochester, N.Y.) to open our doors beyond the street.

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LEJAREN À HILLER (1950) Naval officer and young man on hillside with binoculars, overlooking battleship in bay below Color print, assembly (Carbro) process © Visual Studies Workshop / Image courtesy of George Eastman House International Museum of Photography & Film

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For decades we have been a source of archival film prints to be projected at (respected, well-trained) repertory theaters and film festivals around the world. As more and more screens turn to digital-only projection, these film prints become the main attraction of rare events as our museum artifacts are exhibited in only the best of film projection venues.

2013 has been no exception – below is a highlight of some of the films we’ll be providing to other exhibition spaces this month:

The Cinefamily

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Guest post from Heather Harkins, a second year graduate student in the L. Jeffrey Selznick School of Film Preservation at George Eastman House

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George Eastman loved orchestral organ music and used it often for entertainment with others. In 1905 he hired the Aeolian Organ Company out of NYC to install what was named the “South Organ”. Then in 1918 he added what we now call the “North Organ” chamber. Throughout the 26 years George Eastman lived in the house the organ continued to expand – adding additional pipes and chambers and eventually creating what was likely the first “in stereo” experience in a private residence.

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complete article on our photography blog, DODGE & BURN. 

Gertrude Käsebier (American, 1852-1934) , Dancing School, ca. 1905, gum bichromate print, gifts of Hermime Turner


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Photographic Process Research Apprentice

The Philadelphia Photographic Exchange Club 19th century canal excursion, lantern slide from the Scully & Osterman archives

In a few weeks, George Eastman House Process Historian, Mark Osterman and team will lead a photography workshop unlike any other; a tintype excursion along the historic Erie Canal.

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I decided to take a little stroll through the Dryden Theatre to see if there were any interesting seat labels from our current Take a Seat campaign (more here) – and I was in luck. Take a look at a few of my faves - the rest you'll have to come in and see for yourself.

See you at the movies!


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Ray Harryhausen at the Dryden Theatre in 2004

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As I wrote in the last issue, developer Morgan Management is seeking approval to build apartments on the site of the Monroe Voiture veterans’ club at 933 University Avenue, immediately east of our historic property. The immediacy and grave impact of this proposal demands our attention. Despite vocal opposition from neighborhood residents, community groups, and George Eastman House, the developer is proceeding with a revised application to demolish the club’s historic structure and construct a four-story apartment building with 102 units—only eight fewer than they originally proposed.

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The Joel Hodgson (MST3K) is coming to town this Saturday May 4 at 8 p.m., to entertain with his brand new one-man show (Riffling Myself). We are looking forward to Hodgson diving into the stories of his B-movie insanity (think ventriloquist dummies and how MST3K took off.)

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As part of Silver and Water, currently on view in the museum’s South and Brackett Clark galleries, an 8-foot by 12-foot negative of Kodak’s chemical factory was soaked in a shallow bath of water, the silver image slowly decaying.

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There are exactly five hundred seats in the new Dryden Theatre. This now makes it the largest archival film theatre in the United States. In a commercial venue we are consumers; in an art house theatre, we are an audience. But in a place like the Dryden, you and I become the witnesses of something more — something special. We are witnessing the beauty of a performing art, just like in a concert hall.

In a good work of art, the devil is in the details:

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Receipt of one of the first cameras to be sold in the U.S.
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Roger Ebert in 2006 at the Dryden Theatre at George Eastman House

Roger Ebert was such a good writer that he earned a Pulitzer Prize — the first film critic to earn the honor. And because he made major contributions to the art of film, George Eastman House bestowed upon him in 2006 the title of George Eastman Honorary Scholar.

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Eastman House is now on the Google Art Project!

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I recently checked out the exhibition Silver and Water here at George Eastman House. Wow! Have you been in to see it yet? The moment I stepped into the gallery and saw the print on the floor submerged in water I was already planning my next visit. It’s wild to think that when I return next month I will be looking at an entirely different image as the print degrades.

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We’ve been preparing for this workshop for two months now. My research assistants Chris Holmquist and Nick Brandreth and I just finished our first public workshop in making, coating, shooting and processing gelatin emulsions. Ron Mowrey, ex Kodak emulsion engineer, was also there to answer any theoretical questions.

I designed the formula back in 2004 as a basic 1880 type emulsion used for gelatin dry plates negatives. It’s very much like what George Eastman’s chemists would have made.

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March 2, 2013 Grand Reopening Night – Shared memories of the Dryden Theatre's past, and excitement for all that is in store.




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If you're an instagrammer in Rochester we're hosting the next meetup this weekend. Our curator of photographs, Jessica Johnston will give the group a gallery tour of our current exhibit Silver and Water. RSVP to @rocinstagram and come hang out!