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Demonstrations & Workshops

Nick in the darkroom

Please note, all programs are currently online only.

Want to learn about a historic photographic process? Ready to try your hand at making something new in your darkroom? Then you’ve come to the right place! Our online demonstrations are a great way to learn about various photographic and moving image processes, and our online workshops are where you can get instruction on how to do it yourself.

Darkroom Demonstrations

Our Demonstrations are a great start for anyone interested in learning more about these techniques. You don’t need to have your own darkroom or any previous experience.

Each hour-long webinar includes a hands-on demonstration of a process along with a brief look into the history and use of the process from curators and experts across the museum.

Note: Demonstrations do not include specific instructions or guidance on how to reproduce the historic process at home. If you are interested in diving deeper, getting the full recipe, and learning more, please see our Online Workshops.


Online Workshops 

Our Online Workshops are the perfect opportunity to expand your skills and see first-hand how to replicate photographic processes on your own. Limited to ten participants, each three-hour virtual workshop includes guidance on how to reproduce these processes in your own darkroom, full recipes, a PDF manual with instructions and a recording of the workshop session.

No experience is necessary for most of our workshops, and are intended for anyone with an interest, from artists and educators to enthusiasts and amateurs.


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Start-up funding for workshops provided by a grant from Howard and Carole Tanenbaum.