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Japanese Ātohausu Cinema

Japanese Ātohausu Cinema

3 Films on Screen

A venture of Tomohiko Seki of Japanese production house Cogitoworks, these three independently made films are being offered outside the traditional distribution model, directly to cinema venues from the filmmakers. A sampling of the best independent films made in Japan in recent years, each one displays a simple aesthetic that reflects modern life. Each film a Rochester Premiere, Dryden audiences will be among the first in the United States, indeed the world, to view these films on the big screen.

Almost People, the newest of the three, is four films in one, with a different filmmaker each taking the story of four siblings who have difficulty showing emotion and communicating with those around them. Domains explores a tragic criminal act using the specific techniques of filmmaking to discover the underlying cause. Sweating the Small Stuff is a true independent film that blurs the lines between fiction and reality to examine a single life in relation to the world around it.

The Dryden Theatre is a proud participant in this endeavor, supporting filmmakers around the world.

Dates and Titles:

October 5: Almost People (Satoko Yokohama, Gakury Ishii, Takuto Kato, Fumio Moriya, 2023, 140 min.)

October 12: Domains (Ôkoku (aruiwa sono ie ni tsuite), Natsuka Kusano, 2019, 150 min.)

October 19: Sweating the Small Stuff (Edaha no koto, Ryûtarô Ninomiya, 2017, 117 min.)

Events in this Series

Thursday, October 5, 2023, 7:30 p.m.

Almost People - US Premiere!

Dryden Theatre

Japanese Ātohausu Cinema | Rochester Premiere Four siblings meet in a restaurant to catch up. From there, they each unveil their own story, directed by a different filmmaker.

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Thursday, October 12, 2023, 7:30 p.m.
Thursday, October 19, 2023, 7:30 p.m.

Sweating the Small Stuff - North American Premiere!

Dryden Theatre

Japanese Ātohausu Cinema | Rochester Premiere Blurring the line between fiction and reality, writer-director Ryûtarô Ninomiya casts himself as a character named Ryûtarô Ninomiya. This character, a listless worker at an auto junkyard, wanders through life as a creature of unwelcome habit.

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