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K–12 Tours


Explore George Eastman’s house and gardens on these 45-minute tours. Learn about Eastman’s life and work, as well as his estate and its use today as a national landmark and world-renowned museum.

Book a Group Tour

Docent-guided talks are available for all exhibitions. These tours are designed to enhance students’ visual literacy. Students are encouraged to refine their viewing skills and discuss impressions and interpretations. Pre- and post-visit materials are available on request.

Garden Tours

George Eastman’s gardens have been restored to their original beauty, reflecting Eastman’s love of horticulture and Rochester’s history as the Flower City. The tour discusses the estate’s plants and landscape design. Available May through September. Three weeks advance reservation is required for group tours. The museum recommends one adult chaperone for every ten high school students and one adult chaperone for every five elementary students.

George Eastman Legacy Tours

  • George Eastman, An American Inventor: Discover how George Eastman (1854–1932) rose from modest beginnings to great accomplishments in photography, business, and philanthropy. Eastman led a life that illustrates the rewards of reading, hard work, perseverance, self-confidence, and a sense of responsibility to one’s community.
  • A Day in the Life of Maria Kilbourn Eastman: In this tour centered on the restored bedroom suite that once belonged to Maria K. Eastman, George Eastman’s mother, students will examine life in the early 1900s by looking at artifacts.
  • George Eastman the Outdoorsman: Eastman was an accomplished businessman but also needed time to relax. He was a passionate outdoorsman—he loved to camp, fish, hunt, and play sports. On this tour, students will visit the George Eastman Archive and Study Center to learn more about George Eastman by looking at original artifacts from the collection.
  • African Americans and George Eastman: George Eastman felt a great sense of social responsibility and donated large sums of money to charitable causes. One such cause was the advancement of African Americans. On this tour, students will visit the George Eastman Archive and Study Center to learn more about George Eastman by looking at original artifacts from the collection.

Discovery Room

For a fun and interactive experience, book one of our popular Discovery Sessions. These sessions are geared toward elementary and middle school students, last 45 minutes, and can accommodate up to 24 students. Groups may reserve the Discovery Room for guided or self-guided use during regular museum hours. Activities include:

  • Animation: Students will discover the phenomenon of "persistence of vision" and examine early devices to see how to make still pictures move using the illusion of motion. They may also try their hand at making their own drawings move.
  • Photograms: Using light-sensitive paper and small objects, students create their own images—without the use of a camera! Students are welcome to bring small items to personalize their works of art.