Taryn Simon: Birds of the West Indies

In 1936, American ornithologist James Bond (1900–1989) published the definitive taxonomy Birds of the West Indies. Ian Fleming, an active bird-watcher living in Jamaica, appropriated the author's name for his novel's lead character. This appropriation was the first in a series of substitutions and replacements that would become central to the construction of the Bond narrative. Uniting Bond the ornithologist with 007, Taryn Simon uses the title and format of the ornithologist’s taxonomy for her work.

A rare nitrate film screening of Laurence Olivier’s Hamlet (1948) ushers in the 4th Nitrate Picture Show

Rochester, N.Y., February 14, 2018—In anticipation of the 4th Nitrate Picture Show, the George Eastman Museum will host a special pre-festival event with a screening of a rare nitrate print of Hamlet (Laurence Olivier, UK 1948) on Thursday, May 3 at 7:30 p.m. The film is on loan from the Library of Congress. The 4th Nitrate Picture Show will officially begin at 9 a.m. on Friday, May 4, when the full program of film titles to be shown at the festival will be announced.  

Development Database Administrator

The Development Database Administrator is responsible for day-to-date management of The Raiser’s Edge database and data pertaining to nearly 160,000 museum constituents. Working under the general guidance of the Director of Annual Giving, the Development Database Coordinator processes Annual Fund and restricted contributions; tracks contributed revenue against fundraising goals; maintains the integrity and security of the database; oversees all gift accounting in collaboration with the Business Office; tracks pledge payments; maintains donor files/records; and updates/maintains all database policies and procedures. The Administrator also provides ongoing training for Development colleagues in the use of The Raiser’s Edge and best practices.

George Eastman Museum receives extensive collection of photographs by David Levinthal

Rochester, N.Y., February 6, 2018—The George Eastman Museum has acquired a large and comprehensive collection of photographs by David Levinthal as a result of donations from an anonymous patron and from Donald Rosenfeld Jr. The museum is now the most significant repository of Levinthal’s art in the world. The Eastman Museum will premiere the retrospective David Levinthal: War, Myth, Desire on June 2, 2018. The exhibition will run through December 30, 2018.

After Bedlam: The Mental Institution Film

Since Robert Wiene’s Cabinet of Dr. Caligari premiered in 1920, psychiatric hospitals have been a recurring theme in cinema. While made under the guise of other genres—from horror to melodrama, direct cinema to dystopian science fiction—the mental institution film has almost become a genre in itself, similar to the prison film or military film.


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