Richard Renaldi: Manhattan Sunday

Submitted by Kate Meyers Emery,

This past weekend, the George Eastman Museum was honored to have Richard Renaldi present for the opening of his new exhibition, Manhattan Sunday. On Friday, January 20, Renaldi spoke in conversation with curator Lisa Hostetler about the exhibition, how he began this particular project, and what his inspiration was. Manhattan Sunday consists of portraits, urban still lifes, and streetscapes made in the wee hours of Sunday morning, when post-bacchanalian characters join early-morning workers in New York City’s nooks and crannies. Renaldi uses an 8×10-inch view camera to make his pictures, resulting in meticulous black-and-white images that magnify the uniqueness of each subject while capturing the singular mood that suffuses the city in the hours before dawn. Implicit in the work is Renaldi’s personal experience as a gay nightclub denizen in New York during and after the AIDS crisis, as well as his appreciation for the myriad and motley ways that the urban context encourages social awareness and a strong, if temporary, sense of community. 

Renaldi Takes Over!

Over the next three days, we are excited to announce that Renaldi will be taking over our Instagram account, sharing photos from his Manhattan Sunday and I Want Your Love series. Follow along on Instagram by following our account, @EastmanMuseum, or using #GEMRenaldi, our hashtag for the exhibition. Additionally, you can follow Richard Renaldi on Instagram at @RenaldiPhotos

Mixing Manhattan Sunday

In addition to the Instagram takeover, Renaldi has created a soundtrack to go along with it. The 10 hour and 28 minute playlist includes a range of club-inspired tunes from Escort and Tiga, to morning music by the Velvet Underground and Queen. Listen along as you explore the exhibition or follow along with the Instagram takeover.  You can listen to the playlist on the exhibition's main page, or can access it through Spotify or iTunes

Hear from the Artist

Want more from Renaldi? Hear about the exhibition in his own words with the audio tour, available as a mobile website at Renaldi shares insight into the back stories of a few of his photographs, why he made certain artistic decisions, and how he approached strangers to create these works of arts. The mobile website is accessible from any mobile device, tablet or computer, and can be listened to anywhere- whether you want to hear his words before, during or after exploring the exhibition. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017