Sight Reading Challenge Three: Movement, and Week Two Winner

Submitted by Kate Meyers Emery,

Challenge Three: Movement

Entry Period: July 25-August 1, 2016
Hashtag: #GEMmove

Challenge: For this Sight Reading Instagram Challenge, we want you to capture movement. Whether you're taking a photo of an object that is actually moving, or something that conveys movement, this challenge is all about finding a way to convince the viewer that the object is in motion. Be creative, play with this concept, and see what you can come up with! No video is allowed for this challenge-you must capture movement in a still photograph. 

For rules and more on the challenges, visit our introductory post from the first week.

This photo by Harold E. Edgerton is a fantastic example of movement. It shows a girl skipping rope, and by allowing for multiple exposures, you can see how she moves. However, even if he only had one exposure, you would still be able to see the movement just based on the way her body is poised for action. 

Harold E. Edgerton (American, 1903–1990). Moving Skip Rope, 1952. Gelatin silver print. George Eastman Museum, gift of Dr. Harold E. Edgerton.

Congratulations to our Sight Reading Challenge Two Winner: Lanni Maszerowski with "Bolts on a bridge next to Genesee Valley Park."

Thank you to everyone who submitted their photographs, and good luck next week! To see all the entries, check out #GEMCloseup on Instagram! 

Monday, July 25, 2016