Summer Intern Update: My Real Life Night at the Museum

Submitted by Guest Post,

Hi there, my name is Taylor, intern at the George Eastman Museum, born and raised right outside the city of Rochester. During my childhood I spent many afternoons in the Eastman discovery room, wandering the halls wondering how they were able to get an elephant head that high, and admiring the Sweet Creations every holiday season with a watering mouth. Now, many of you reading may think that I am a Photography/Film/Art or any other stereotypical museum related intern, but I’m not. This year I will enter my final year at St. Lawrence University, receiving my Bachelors in Communication. That’s right, I am the Communications summer intern at the George Eastman Museum.

I can’t be the only one who wanted to work at a museum after watching Night at the Museum. I wanted so badly to learn from the living souls of these great people in history. Last year I was on the hunt for some professional experience, seeing that I would be entering the “real world” in just a few short months. Through a program at St. Lawrence, I was able to connect with an alumnus, Eliza Kozlowski, the Director of Communications and Visitor Engagement, and work underneath her supervision this summer. This was it! It was my chance to have my Night at the Museum experience. I will admit that no elephant or buffalo came to life during my time here, but I learned more than I ever thought I would just by spending a few short months as an intern for this organization.

While searching for my real world experience, I was extremely interested in finding an internship that allowed a hands-on experience in the Communications industry, but also had a strong sense of teamwork and community. That is exactly what I found. Everyone at the George Eastman Museum is working toward a common goal, the continuation of Eastman’s legacy,and this sense of teamwork allowed me the opportunity to learn and experience so much more than just the Communications and Engagement department.

There were so many opportunities presented during my time at the museum. I was able to play a role in developing strategies for new projects on social media, and give my opinion and ideas on how best to market to audiences in my age range. I also was able to do research on attendance and how best to use these media outlets to engage everyone, no matter their age. I truly felt like I was an integral member of the team even though I was just an intern.

My favorite thing about during my time at the George Eastman Museum: the knowledge I gained. I gained knowledge not only of the various pathways in the Communication industry, but also the knowledge of Rochester and how important George Eastman was to this community.

There was so much history in every single interaction that I had. From the promotion of exhibits, to promoting the museum to walking to a meeting space and hearing the history of its use while Mr. Eastman resided in the house, there was a new piece of history to learn and experience every step I took.


Wednesday, August 3, 2016