Sight Reading Challenge One: Urban Text

Image from Sight Reading exhibit

Challenge: For our first Sight Reading Instagram Challenge, we want you to capture text within the landscape. Signs, symbols, and visual words are everywhere. From the major advertisements plastered on billboards and streets in cities, to more casual hand made signs on rural back roads. Text is everywhere. These signs beg for our attention, change our perception of the landscape, and shape the way we interact with our environment. This week, we challenge you to capture urban text- whether it be formal advertisements on the street, informal signs posted on walls, or other text-- be creative! 

Love National Parks? Then You'll Love Our Summer Lineup!

Image from National Parks exhibit

Starting this weekend, visitors to the George Eastman Museum will have the opportunity to explore our newest exhibit, Photography and America’s National Parks. National parks are one of America’s treasures- they are spaces of natural beauty that have been set aside in order to protect them. Photography has had a special relationship with these locations throughout their history, and the pieces featured in this exhibit demonstrate this. In order to showcase the photography and the parks themselves, we’ve set up a fantastic lineup of events and activities over the next few months.

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