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Voyages and Discoveries

“The real voyage of discovery comes not from seeking new landscapes, but having new eyes.”

– Marcel Proust

The underlying idea for this series is to present a selection of films that reflect the same theme as our exhibition Voyages and Discoveries. Many of the choices expand on what cinema can do, both narratively and stylistically, prompting the audience to look at their own world in new ways once they leave the theater. We hope that many of these films will be new to you, and that you will allow them to wash over you and transport you to a new place and time. We wanted to explore the idea of this voyage of discovery from many different angles, whether it is a boy learning about life in Down to the Sea in Ships (1949) or reflecting on one’s own past life in After Life (1998). We wanted to find films that galvanized other movie-makers and made them see cinema anew—for which Kwaidan (1964) is an example. We wanted to explore the idea of being forced suddenly to look at the world differently, hence the inclusion of Your Name. (2016). This short list, which is so very diverse but definitely not random, contains some wonderful treasures that we would like to share with you. We hope that this selection will take you on many voyages of discovery, and that anyone seeing even one of these films will find that they are looking at the world with new eyes.  

Jonathan Anderson and Edwin Low

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