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Museum closed to the public Wed., Oct. 7 and Thurs., Oct. 8; Members only Fri., Oct. 9. Open to all beginning Sat., Oct. 10.

Welcome Back: Reopening the Eastman Museum

Guests wearing masks at admissions

For information on hours and admission, click here.

We are excited to welcome you back to the Eastman Museum! In order to ensure all our guests have a safe and enjoyable experience, we have introduced some new guidelines and measures that prioritize the health of visitors and staff.

We continue to rely on guidance from the CDC, New York State Department of Health, and Monroe County Health Department to make operational decisions and adjustments as necessary. 


Masks & Your Health
Admissions & Entry
Changes in Experience
Research Appointments
Frequently Asked Questions

Masks & Your Health

  • Masks are required for all individuals over two years old; please bring one for each member of your party. Please note that no one will be allowed onsite without a mask.
    • Individuals under two years old must be in a stroller or carried by an adult at all times.
    • All visitors and staff members will be required to wear face coverings/masks inside the museum. Please note that no one will be allowed inside the museum without a mask.
    • Masks are required outdoors on museum grounds when it is not possible to maintain a distance of six feet from other parties.
    • If you are unable to wear one, we ask you come at a later date when masks are not required. 
  • By purchasing a ticket, you are affirming that on the day of your visit you will do a self-health check, confirming that you are healthy and do not have a temperature.
    • Please stay home if you or anyone in your party are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Social distancing will be in effect throughout the museum. We ask that you maintain proper social distance from other visiting groups and follow all posted signage onsite including floor markers and capacity limits.

Mask & Health FAQ


  • Advance tickets are required and may be purchased online at eastman.org/tickets.
  • During the ticket reservation process, guests will be advised that on the day of their visit that entry will be permitted only if:
    • No one in the party feels ill, has had any symptoms as recognized by the CDC in the past 14 days, has not traveled to a virus hotspot, or has been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Members do not need to purchase advance tickets; new members who have not yet received their cards can check in without them at the Lipson Welcome Center.
  • The museum has a reduced visitor capacity to 25% and set limits in all gallery spaces, restrooms, and throughout the historic mansion.
  • Need help? See our instructions on how to purchase tickets:

Admissions & Entry

  • The coatroom will be closed. Guests will be encouraged to leave their coats and personal belongings in their locked vehicles.

Changes in the Experience

  • Hand sanitizing stations will be provided for visitor use throughout the museum.
  • When possible, non-automatic doors and entryways will be push only.
  • Narrow paths throughout the museum will become one-way, with alternative routes available.
  • Capacity in each gallery will be posted on the gallery door. Staff will monitor the number of guests in each area and redirect guests, when necessary, to less dense spaces in the museum.
  • The Discovery Room and walk-in camera obscura will be closed for the foreseeable future.
    • Visitors can access family friendly and related activities online at eastman.org/kids.
  • Docent tours have been suspended for the foreseeable future and onsite interactives have been removed.
    • We encourage you to bring a mobile device or tablet to access these features of the museum using our expanded mobile tour, available at eastman.oncell.com.
  • All print materials (including maps, promotional cards, bulletins, and other items) will be temporarily removed and will be available digitally on the museum’s website or via the mobile tour at eastman.oncell.com.
  • All public restrooms will be limited to one party at a time even in locations where more than one stall exists.
  • Due to construction, the museum’s store is closed. Please visit our Pop-Up Shop in the museum lobby.
    • Capacity for the Pop-Up Shop is limited to 1 guest.
    • Safety and payment procedures will be similar to those outlined in the admissions process.
    • Guests must wash or sanitize their hands before entering the store.
    • Guests are discouraged from picking up merchandise other than what they plan to purchase.
    • Reusable bags are not permitted.


  • A limited number of wheelchairs are stored behind the doors to the light court and available by request only, with staff sanitizing the chairs before and after use.
  • For more information visit eastman.org/accessibility.

Research Appointments

Each research area has its own specific protocol based on factors such as capacity, nature of the collection materials, and appropriate social distancing and COVID-19 related requirements. The separate protocols are available upon request. A summary of the key requirements are listed below:

  • Limited capacity in each research area will allow for social distancing.
  • All researchers are required to wear face masks that cover nose and mouth at all times while at the museum.
  • Before entry all researchers are required to complete a COVID-19 screening questionnaire.
  • After receiving their visitor badges, researchers will be met by the appropriate staff and directed to the closest handwashing facility.
    • After washing their hands, researchers that will be handling collection objects will wear nitrile gloves (provided) and must not use hand sanitizer, which can leave a residue harmful to the objects.
  • Personal items, such as backpacks, should be placed in a designated area within each research area.
  • All tables, spaces, materials used, and handled collection objects will be properly treated after use. Please contact the specific collections manager to learn more about these procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mask & Health FAQ

  • Will you require masks for visitors? 
    • Yes. According to the New York State executive order, face coverings must be worn in public. As a public location, we will require that masks be worn by all guests and staff when they’re in the museum.
  • Will the Museum provide masks if I don’t have my own? 
    • We ask that you please bring your own mask when you visit the Museum.
  • What if I don’t want to/can’t wear a mask? 
    • If you are not able to wear a mask for medical or health reasons, or are under the age of 2, we ask that you come to the museum at a later date. Individuals without masks, regardless of age or restrictions, will not be admitted to the museum.
  • Do I need to wear a mask while on the grounds or in the gardens?
    • Masks are required outdoors on museum grounds when it is not possible to maintain a distance of six feet from other parties.
  • Will temperature readings be taken at admissions? 
    • No, however we ask that you conduct your own self-health assessment to determine if you have a temperature.
  • Will social distancing be managed by individual or by party I’m visiting with? 
    • Social distancing will be by party (people you are visiting with). We will have signage to indicate spaces that have capacity requirements.

Ticketing & Admissions FAQ

  • When should I purchase my admission ticket?
    • We strongly suggest purchasing tickets in advance to ensure a contactless experience.
  • Do members need to reserve tickets in advance?
    • No, museum members need only present their membership card at the Lipson Welcome Center. If you do not have your card, our staff can look it up for you.
  • Will you have timed ticketing? 
    • No, however we are limiting capacity to 150 visitors at anyone time.
  • Can I purchase tickets in person? 
    • Yes, you can purchase tickets onsite however we strongly recommend buying them in advance online to reduce contact.
  • Will you accept cash? 
    • Electronic forms of payment help reduce touch points, but we will accept all forms of payment. 
  • Are you allowing tour buses right now? 
    • We are not allowing tour buses right now. We cannot allow entry to groups larger than 10 people.  
  • Will I be able to take a guided tour of the Museum? 
    • For now, all tours will be self-guided. We suggest you bring a tablet or smartphone to access the mobile tour at eastman.oncell.com.
  • Is there anything else I should know about the admissions process? 
    • We have installed plexiglass barriers at the Lipson Welcome Center to reduce contact.
    • Please follow social distancing markers that have been placed on the floor.

Space Changes & Getting Around FAQ

  • Are the research and study centers open?
    • Yes, please visit our Research Appointments page for more information.
  • Will your café be open? 
    • No, the café is currently under construction and is not accessible.
  • Will the Museum Store be open? 
    • No, the full Museum Store is not open. However, visitors can purchase a selection of products from our Pop-Up Shop located across from the Lipson Welcome Center.
      • Capacity for the Pop-Up Shop is limited to 1 guest.
      • Safety and payment procedures will be similar to those outlined in the admissions process.
      • Guests must wash or sanitize their hands before entering the store.
      • Guests are discouraged from picking up merchandise other than what they plan to purchase.
      • Reusable bags are not permitted.
  • Will you have any interactive displays? 
    • Nearly all touch elements in our displays have been removed or modified.  Any remaining touchpoints have enhanced and rigorous cleaning schedules.
    • Many of the interactives can be accessed via your tablet or smartphone at eastman.oncell.com.
  • Will the Discovery Room and walk-in camera obscura be open?
    • No, these experiences are currently not available.
    • Visit eastman.org/kids for printable activities, video tutorials and more activities you can enjoy at home.