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Accessibility in the Museum

Everyone is welcome at the George Eastman Museum.

If you have questions about accessibility of the museum or our programs, please contact [email protected] 

For information about website accessibility, please visit our Website Accessibility Statement


  • Accessible parking spaces are conveniently located near the museum entrance, in the main parking lot off of East Avenue


  • To visit the museum (galleries and historic mansion), Open Face (eatery), Museum Shop, and Dryden Theatre:
    • Use the accessible main entrance at the Thomas Tischer Visitor Center
      • Includes a drop-off area for a person using a wheelchair or a walker

Wheelchairs & Canes

  • Three manual wheelchairs are available for visitor use within the museum
  • Two canes are available for visitor use within the museum
    • Use of the wheelchair/cane is free; first come, first served
    • Request a wheelchair/cane at the Thomas Tischer Visitor Center (museum admissions desk)


  • Mansion elevator: 
    • Accessible, but it is historic and has a weight limit
    • May not accommodate certain motorized scooters or wheelchairs; guests may request one of the wheelchairs available on-site (see Wheelchairs above)
    • The elevator in the mansion will be operated by museum staff exclusively for those unable to use the stairs. 
  • 1989 building:
    • All public areas in the 1989 building are on a single floor
    • For researchers, workshop participants, and other guests visiting the library, study centers, and other secured areas of the museum, there is an accessible elevator


  • Accessible, multiple stall, men’s and women’s restrooms in three areas of the museum:
    • The Thomas Tischer Visitor Center
    • The Potter Peristyle
    • Second floor of the mansion
  • Restrooms with baby changing tables include
    • The men and women's restrooms near the Dryden Theatre 
    • The unisex bathroom near the coatroom
    • The men and women's restrooms in the Potter Peristyle
    • Women's restroom on the 2nd floor of the mansion 

Service Animals

  • Service animals are welcome
    • Water and food for service animals must be kept in sealed containers and used only in areas where food and drink are allowed in the museum
  • The museum follows the ADA regulations regarding service animals
    • Service animals are animals trained to perform specific tasks for an individual
    • Comfort, therapy, companion, or emotional support animals are not service animals as defined by the ADA and are not allowed in the museum

Individuals who are Blind/Low Vision

  • An audio tour is available by calling (585) 563-3496.

  • Braille guides are available at the front admissions desk. At the end of your visit please return these guides to the desk. 

Individuals who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing

  • Self-guided tours
    • Printed transcripts of the mansion tour are available at the Thomas Tischer Visitor Center (museum admissions)
    • The mobile tour (at https://www.bloombergconnects.org/) includes transcripts for our video and audio tours throughout the museum 
  • Closed captioning and subtitles
    • Interpretive videos throughout the museum have closed captioning
    • In the Dryden Theatre, screenings of films in languages other than English are presented with English subtitles

Non-English Tours

  • Printed information about George Eastman and the mansion and gardens is available in Spanish, French, German, and Chinese
    • Request a copy at the Thomas Tischer Visitor Center (museum admissions)