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Image Rights & Reproductions

Photograph of Harriet Tubman's family

Unidentified maker. Harriet Tubman at home and her friends. Residents of the Home for the Aged and Indigent Negroes. Auburn, N.Y., 1887. Albumen silver print. George Eastman Museum, gift of Donald K. Weber. 1997.1826.0001

Photograph by Lori Nix

Lori Nix (American, b. 1969). Salvazana, 2002. Chromogenic development print, printed 2005. George Eastman Museum, gift of Lori Nix. © Lori Nix. 2005.0625.0002

Photograph by James Jowers

James Jowers (American, 1939–2009). Tompkins Square Park, 1967. Gelatin silver print. George Eastman Museum, gift of the photographer. 2007.0274.0056

Photograph of Grandmother of Wallis Warfield Simpson

Unidentified maker. Grandmother of Wallis Warfield Simpson, when a young woman, ca. 1850. Daguerreotype with applied color. George Eastman Museum, purchase. 1969.0201.0041

Kodak poster of a girl

Fred (artist) Money. Kodak poster, ca. 1930. Color lithograph. George Eastman Museum, purchase: Equipment Acquisitions Reserved Fund. 1985.1161.0001

Digital images of objects in the George Eastman Museum collection are available for research and publication. 

As a scholar, publisher, or arts professional, consider these advantages of using images from the Eastman Museum's world-renowned collection in your next publication or project:

  • You acquire images ethically sourced from original artifacts and digitized in-house to produce pristine high-resolution files.
  • You have access to the object's provenance and historical context, which will inform your research and decision-making.
  • The George Eastman Museum is a nonprofit institution. When you collaborate with us, you support our ongoing efforts to care for and broaden access to our collection.

Browse our ever-growing Collections Online and contact Alice Wynd, Digital Asset Coordinator, for permission information and high-resolution image files.


Alice Wynd
Digital Asset Coordinator
George Eastman Museum
[email protected]
(585) 327-4941

Members of the press interested in images for media use should visit the museum’s press room.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request a digital reproduction of an object in the museum’s collection?

We offer digital copies of objects from our collection for research and for reproduction in scholarly publications (contact [email protected]). Image files may not be printed and displayed as facsimiles or made into copy prints for personal use.

Can I preview the images before I order them in high resolution?

Yes! You may browse our Collections Online at eastman.org/collections-online.  

If the images are not available online, you may request small, watermarked files for research use (contact [email protected]). 

Is there a fee to access images of objects in the museum’s collection?

Our image fee is calculated based on the intent of use as well as the publication specifications. The image fee supports the resources required to provide the image files: staff assistance, research, object handling, studio equipment, software, server space, etc. The fee is charged regardless of copyright status or whether the object needs new photography.

Can you grant me permission to publish the images in the museum’s collection?

While we own the original material from which we would provide the digital reproduction, we do not necessarily hold the copyright to the object. Payment does not confer or express the museum's permission to publish or exhibit copyrighted material in the museum's collection. It is the user's responsibility to obtain necessary permissions and pay required fees for the use of copyrighted material. Users are held fully responsible for any infringement of copyright. Proof of permission to reproduce copyrighted material is required before image delivery.

May I alter an image from the museum’s collection?

Image files provided by the museum may not be cropped, guttered, manipulated, overprinted with text or other graphic elements, or altered in any form without permission. The image must be reproduced in its native color or in grayscale. A sample layout should accompany a request for an exception.

May I reproduce an image from the museum’s collection on a product for retail sale?

Please contact [email protected] with the object information and a mockup. We will take into consideration the museum’s policies regarding copyright status and image manipulation (see above).

I found a copy of the image I want to use on Flickr. How can I use this image?

As you can see, we care about broadening access to our collection. Thank you for finding us. We’d love to provide a high-resolution file for reproduction in your scholarly work. Contact [email protected] to discuss your project specs. 

How do I credit images from the museum’s collection?

Thanks for asking! Please credit the source of the images as:

Courtesy of the George Eastman Museum