fbpx Dryden Theatre welcomes filmmaker Bob Byington and actor Kevin Corrigan Friday, Dec. 4 | George Eastman Museum

Dryden Theatre welcomes filmmaker Bob Byington and actor Kevin Corrigan Friday, Dec. 4

Byington to present his new film Harmony and Me, which features Corrigan

Rochester, N.Y., November 17, 2009—The Dryden Theatre at George Eastman House welcomes writer/director Bob Byington, who will introduce his debut feature film Harmony and Me at 8 p.m. Friday, Dec. 4, and talk with the audience following the screening. One of the film’s actors, Kevin Corrigan (Grounded for Life, Goodfellas, Pineapple Express), also will appear in person that evening and take part in the discussion.

Harmony and Me (US 2009, 75 min.) tells the story of Harmony (musician and Mutual Appreciation star Justin Rice), a sad sack who spends most of his time obsessing over being dumped by Jessica (Kristen Tucker). In a series of loosely improvised and very funny episodes, Harmony riffs on life and love with his friends, colleagues, and family, while fighting to win back his girl. Critically acclaimed, Harmony and Me has been called “an indie gem” by Film Threat and “consistently very funny” by Village VoiceThe New York Times noted, “I’ll wager no one in your circle is as dryly funny or spontaneously surreal as Harmony’s nonsupport group.” Harmony and Me is bolstered by a comic supporting cast, including Pat Healy, Allison Latta, Nick Offerman, and Alex Karpovsky, plus Byington and Corrigan.

Corrigan may be best known for his role as the ne’er-do-well brother Eddie on four seasons of Grounded for Life. He also has appeared in numerous TV programs and dozens of mainstream and independent feature films, including Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas and The DepartedTrue RomanceWalking and TalkingSlums of Beverly Hills,  American GangsterPineapple ExpressBuffalo ’66,  and Robert Siegel’s Big Fan, which will screen at the Dryden in January.

Admission of the Dec. 4 screening is regular Dryden admission: $7 general admission/$5 students. For more information, please visit dryden.eastmanhouse.org or call (585) 271-3361.