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Dryden Theatre welcomes filmmakers Andrew Bujalski and Bob Byington and three Mumblecore movies

November and December calendar also features exclusive screenings

Rochester, N.Y., October 15, 2009—The Dryden Theatre at George Eastman House welcomes in November and December two filmmakers involved in a relatively new movement in independent cinema known as “Mumblecore,” in addition to several exclusive screenings.

Andrew Bujalski presents Beeswax Saturday, Nov. 7:

"Mumblecore" films have been marked by their ultra-low budget productions, improvisatory acting and plotlines, and stories with an emphasis on interpersonal relationships. Most important, the films have all been made by a true community of artists, a "Mumble Corps" of directors who help out by serving as cast and/or crew for the films of their comrades. If the movement has a founding center, it’s most likely Andrew Bujalski, whose first two features, Funny Ha Ha and Mutual Appreciation, have screened previously at the Dryden, and whose sound editor coined the term Mumblecore. Bujalski appears in person at the Dryden at 8 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 7, for the screening of his third feature,Beeswax, which was filmed in Austin, Texas, the current Mumblecore filmmaking capitol, where Lynn Shelton’sHumpday (Nov, 13) and Bob Byington’s Harmony and Me (Dec. 4) were shot. While all three films share an affection for the natural rhythms of slacker-speak, the sweet and entrancing Beeswax offers the least situation-driven of the stories with its tale of close twin sisters, each on her own decidedly different journey toward adulthood. Macho-bonding is the target of Shelton’s very funny Humpday, as two ostensibly straight buddies commit to having sex with each other for the purposes of an "art project

Bob Byington presents Harmony and Me Friday, Dec. 4:

Writer-director Bob Byington presents Harmony and Me at 8 p.m. Friday, Dec. 8. Equally hilarious to Bujalski’s films,Harmony and Me uses a tale of lost love as an excuse to tie together a series of character sketches, delivered by a cast that includes Justin Rice, Kevin Corrigan, Pat Healy, and Byington (who also appears in Beeswax).

Dryden’s exclusive screenings in November and December:

The line-up of upcoming Dryden exclusives includes Pablo Larrain’s brutally compelling Tony Manero (Nov. 14) andThe Yes Men Fix the World (Nov. 20 & 22), which documents the latest activities from the noted media pranksters and corporate shamesters. Oscar®-nominated Austrian thriller Revanche (Nov. 21 & 22) is a precisely told tale of revenge and one woman’s sexual awakening. Philip Seymour Hoffman and Toni Collette provide the voices for the title characters in the Australian animated movie Mary and Max (Nov. 27 & 29). The greatest concert film you’ve never seen,Soul Power (Nov. 28 & 29), brings James Brown, B.B. King, and other great R&B acts to the big screen. Nutso 1977 Japanese horror-fantasy Hausu makes its long-awaited Dryden debut (Dec. 5), while Bronson (Dec. 12 & 13) is a breathtakingly choreographed piece of cinematic violence from the director of the Pusher trilogy. And finally, Tetro (Dec. 18 & 20) is the latest from cinematic master Francis Ford Coppola.

Admission to each film is $7 general admission and $6 students and members. For more information please visit dryden.eastmanhouse.org or call (585) 271-3361

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