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Film Quest


A ticking clock, a collection of lost films, the threat of demolition, and a theater plunged in darkness.

Inspired by the dramatic true story featured in the exhibition Stories of Indian Cinema: Abandoned & Rescued at the George Eastman Museum, Film Quest gives you the opportunity to put yourself in a museum archivist’s shoes and search for films to save. Earn points by collecting film reels and posters—deciding on the fly which should be kept and which must be left behind—as you use a flashlight to wind your way through the cavernous, pitch-black rooms of an abandoned movie theater.

But you'll have to hurry.

When time runs out, the theater will be torn down and only the films you’ve saved will live on for future generations. 


Created by Kate Meyers Emery, George Eastman Museum, and Jennifer Leigh Aho, UnValhe Concept

Audio by DL Sounds

Created in Construct 3 by Scirra