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Director's Note: Welcoming a New Curator

It is with great pride and pleasure that George Eastman House welcomes Lisa Hostetler, PhD, as the new Curator-in- Charge of our Department of Photography.

This position is of such importance to our institution that I personally conducted the search. Over the course of the process, I met with more than a dozen curators, but from its inception I considered Lisa to be the leading candidate. I had spent time with her on several occasions while she was curator of photographs at the Milwaukee Art Museum and was extraordinarily impressed by her knowledge of the history of photography—with an emphasis on the art historical perspective, but not to the exclusion of other approaches—and her sharp eye for contemporary works.

Her early-career retrospective of contemporary artist Taryn Simon had been a stunning revelation, and her Color Rush exhibition, which included twenty-two photographs from the George Eastman House collection, was perhaps the most beautiful photography survey I have seen.

Lisa has impeccable academic credentials, having received her doctorate in the history of art from Princeton University, where she studied under Professor Peter C. Bunnell. She has taught at New York University, Princeton University, and the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee.

In November, just after we announced her appointment, Lisa and I traveled together to London—where we met with artists Martin Parr and Gillian Wearing— and to Paris Photo. It was a great opportunity for us to get to know each other, talk about future plans, and spread the word that she would be leading our photography department. Over the past month, my colleagues and I have received congratulations and great praise for the selection of Lisa for this key position. I look forward to introducing her to you in the coming months.

Bruce Barnes, Ph.D.
Ron and Donna Fielding Director
January/February 2014 Bulletin