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Discover photography, film, and the legacy of George Eastman from home!

Collections & Archives Online

Marilyn Monroe photograph


More than 400,000 photographic objects dating from the introduction of the medium in 1839 through to the present day, including work by more than eight thousand photographers, and continues to expand.

Still from a Kentridge Film

Moving Image

The museum preserves and promotes the art of cinema in all its forms, comprising more than 28,000 titles spanning the entire history of world cinema.

Brownie camera


The museum holds the world’s leading collection of photographic and cinematographic technology, consisting of more than 16,000 artifacts.

Portrait of George Eastman

George Eastman Legacy

The George Eastman Legacy Collection comprises objects and records relating to the life and career of George Eastman.

Still from Red Cross Film

Digitized Films Online

Enjoy digitized selections from the Moving Image collections online—from the classic to the obscure—each presented with curatorial commentary.

Audio recording

Archival Audio

Listen to interviews, commentary, and recollections from leading figures in the history of photography, film, and conservation from the Eastman Museum’s archive. Select audio includes introductions by current and recent museum staff.

Educational Resources & Hands-On Learning

Phenakistoscope creation using art tools

Hands-On Activities

Enjoy a selection of DIY crafts, historic recipes, activities, coloring pages and games inspired by the museum's exhibitions and collections.

Dollhouse view of the mansion's virtual tour

Virtual Tours

Explore the museum from home with our virtual tours. Enjoy the historic mansion, see select behind-the-scenes areas, and tour the gardens in full bloom. 

Behind the scenes in the vault

Behind the Scenes

Take a peek behind the scenes at what we're doing in Conservation, Object Preparation, and in our Collections.

Man discussing photographic techniques in an online video

Full Video Library

Visit YouTube to enjoy past lectures, demonstrations from our workshops team, hands-on tutorials, and much more.

Artist and curators discussing books

Past Talks & Virtual Programs

Watch past lectures, including our Focus 45 series, Wish You Were Here lectures, and artist talks.

Photographs from the collection

Zoom Backgrounds

Download images from the Eastman Museum have been taken to make it appear like you're actually sitting in George Eastman's library, or just about to enjoy a film in the Dryden Theatre.