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One Hundred Years Ago: George Eastman in 1921

February 5, 2021–January 2, 2022, Sitting Room

An annual display in the historic mansion provides a glimpse of George Eastman’s life and work one hundred years ago. The new selection of objects detail the goings on in 1921: from the settlement of the long-running lawsuit between the US government and Kodak, to the company’s founding of Eastman Savings & Loan (today, ESL Federal Credit Union) to help employees save and purchase homes.

Eastman also spent the year focused on Rochester, diving into the local government and economy, running a tonsil clinic for area children, and continuing construction on the Eastman Theatre, which would finally open in 1922.

See original objects from the collection related to these and other aspects of Eastman’s life in 1921, on view through the year in the Sitting Room. 

Generously sponsored by St. John’s.

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One Hundred Years Ago: George Eastman in 1921 with Legacy Archivist Jesse Peers