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All the Ships at Sea

Friday, June 19, 2015, 8 p.m., Dryden Theatre

In the wake of a traumatic expulsion from a mysterious cult, Virginia (Edith Meeks) passes the days at a lakeside retreat in Northern Pennsylvania with her sister Evelyn (Strawn Bovee).

“This project was inspired by the wish to work again with Strawn Bovee and Edith Meeks, and by the thought that the two seemed as if they could be sisters: though Strawn is a California girl born and bred, both actors suggest a New England composure and reserve. Writing for actors one knows is a great advantage when making a low-budget film that would not otherwise be assured of proper casting. The differences between Strawn and Edith also shaped the plot: Strawn has a marvelously lucid face that points like an arrow to the object of her thoughts; whereas Edith is infinitely complex and swallowed up, impossible ever to fathom fully. The film starts with these parameters and then gradually reverses them, so that the readable character increases her mystery and vice versa. The theme of religion was on my mind at the time: to a large extent the religious conflict of the film is really a political conflict, with Strawn representing the pragmatism required of those who actually run the world, and Edith the idealism that provides the motive force for change.” – Dan Sallitt