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Anchors Aweigh

Saturday, May 6, 2017, 9:30 a.m., Dryden Theatre

George Sidney, US 1945
Print source: British Film Institute, London
Running time: 143 minutes

About the print

Generally in good condition, the print has a few visible light to medium scratches (both emulsion and base) and slight nicks at the edges. Heavy edge wave throughout the print; perforations, however, are undamaged. Shrinkage: 0.35–0.55%

About the film

Anchors Aweigh mixes music, uniforms and Hollywood cut-ups in such a show as only Hollywood could concoct. Gene Kelly is in there dancing superbly in more than one sequence. Frank Sinatra tags along with his largo vocalizing; Jose Iturbi knocks out some fancy boogie-woogie on the piano and Kathryn Grayson alternates between singing mock operatic arias and being cute. Since Isobel Lenart has written some amusing lines for the continuity and Joe Pasternak has produced the show with Technicolor extravagance, the film is satisfactory summer fare.”

– Howard Barnes, New York Herald Tribune, July 20, 1945

Anchors Aweigh goes all the way as a musical. Or is that too punish a start in appraising a picture that the public needs no apprising of as a moviedom event, to carry the play on words a bit farther? People turned out in lines and droves to see this Joe Pasternak opus yesterday at the Los Angeles, Grauman’s Egyptian and Fox Ritz theaters. What they got for their money was a load of entertainment in the form of songs, dancing and comedy, a thinly plotted story, much glamorous Technicolor, and first-class personnel to convey everything good and interesting about the show.”

– Edwin Schallert, Los Angeles Times, August 1, 1945