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Blind Date with Nitrate: Levoton Veri

Sunday, May 7, 2017, 4 p.m., Dryden Theatre

Restless Blood, Teuvo Tulio, Finland 1946
Print source: KAVI, Kansallinen audiovisuaalinen instituutti
(National Audiovisual Institute), Helsinki
Running time: 91 minutes

About the print

With 75 splices and dozens of perforation repairs, this print required a great deal of careful conservation from staff projectionists. The lower budget of the film is reflected in the visual quality of the print, but the scratches on the film indicate frequent use due to the title’s popularity. Shrinkage: 0.6%

About the film

“Tulio’s Restless Blood has once again caused healthy restlessness and exchange of views amongst both reviewers and the general audience. Opinions on Restless Blood are quite abruptly divided but it is universally acknowledged that it is the most technically solid and finished in any case of Tulio’s works. Tulio is always a veritably difficult case to analyze. There’s in all his work an exceptional lot of good and at the same time bad. This time over, the first-mentioned is ultimately mostly prevailing. The story, though, is once again flimsy and psychologically lacking but it gets treated with such brilliant dexterity that has not here been seen before. It should merely be noted that Tulio makes one utterly forget that you’re only dealing with three people at all times. There is also a certain elegance in the cinematography, a domestic high society flair that is quite new for Tulio and as such commendable. The third and perhaps the most triumphant achievement of the director is, however, Regina Linnanheimo in a major and demanding female lead role. The undersigned, who has always been ready to recognize the superficial filmic competency of this actress has never had the opportunity to comprehend her as an artist. Now there emerges such potential in her that it—if continuously properly exploited—will ensure for Finnish cinema an internationally competitive character actress.”

Taiteen maailma, June 1946 (translated from Finnish by Mikko Kuutti)