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Museum closed temporarily until further notice

Health & Safety at the Eastman Museum: COVID-19 plan

Eastman Museum at Home


The museum may have temporarily closed its doors to the public, but we are committed to helping you discover photography, film, and the legacy of George Eastman in any way we can.

Here are some activities you can do at home relating to the museum’s collections. Check back often, as we will be updating this page regularly. 

DIY Activities

Coloring Pages & Activity Packets

Enjoy a selection of coloring pages and games that feature George Eastman, the historic mansion and gardens, and objects from our collection

Coloring Pages:

Activity Packets:

Moving Image Activities

These activities are designed to demystify the illusion of motion. All types of moving image devices—from simple flipbooks to motion picture film—operate on a basic set of principles. By making your own motion-picture devices, you will learn how our eyes perceive motion where there is only a series of still images. 


PDF instructions: 

Photography Activities

These activities are a fun, hands-on way to explore the basics of photography using objects you can find around your home. 


Virtual Tours

Explore the museum from home with our virtual tours. Through the links below, you can access the historic mansion, see select behind-the-scenes areas, and tour the gardens in full bloom. 

Available Virtual Tours:

Browse the Museum from Home

Online Collections

Did you know we have more than 250,000 objects from our collection online? Search the collection, browse objects from past exhibitions, and dive into the museum’s vaults using our Collections Online.

Tour the Mansion

Want to tour the historic mansion from home? Visit eastman.oncell.com to see the mansion and hear stories about Eastman’s life.

Dryden Theatre at Home

The Dryden Recommends is a series of video introductions for films streaming on various platforms that you can watch at home. Most of the films have screened at The Dryden in the past, allowing our audience to catch up on films they may have missed while slaking their thirst for quality programming while stuck at home.

Watch online now.

Video and Audio

Ready to dive deep into photography, film, and George Eastman’s history? We have lots of videos and audio recordings available!

  • Visit our YouTube channel for our historic photographic process series, past lectures, and new tutorials
  • Listen to audio from past exhibitions and lectures on SoundCloud