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ONLINE—The Artist’s Wife

Friday, September 25—Thursday, October 22, 2020, Online

(Tom Dolby, US 2019, 94 min.)

A stunning performance by Lena Olin anchors this film about a painter who has given up her art in support of her husband. Richard Smythson (Bruce Dern) is nearing the end of his career and a New York gallery is looking to mount a retrospective, including some of his new paintings. Meanwhile, Claire (Olin), who handles everythings outside of Richard’s painting, must deal with his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and the fallout it involves. Claire gets in touch with Angela (Juliet Rylance), Richard’s daughter who has been estranged from him for years and now has a child, so that they can know Richard before he dies, but the relationship is just as strained as ever. As Richard’s career comes to an end, Claire must decide what their future together will look like.

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