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ONLINE—The August Virgin

Friday, August 21—Thursday, September 24, 2020,

(La virgen de agosto, Jonas Trueba, Spain 2019, 125 min., Spanish w/subtitles)

Instead of heading out on her holidays, Eva decides to stay in Madrid for the beginning of August. She looks after a flat for a friend who is going out of town. Without a plan, she starts wandering, encountering friends old and new, including Luis, a missed romantic opportunity; Olga, a Danish street performer; Maria, a woman who works with the shakra to ease menstrual pain; Francesco, her former lover; and Agos, a potential suicide. Throughout this, Eva herself remains a mystery, modest but easy-going, curious but reserved. Still, she enjoys life, and receives pleasure from watching other people and experiencing new things. Director Jonas Trueba re-teams with actress Itsaso Arana in a story about finding yourself past a time when you should already know who you are.

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