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Friday, May 15—Thursday, June 4, 2020, Online

(Dan Sallitt, US 2019, 94 min.)

Virtual Dryden Theatre | Streaming Online.  Director Dan Sallitt, who visited the Dryden Theatre in 2015 for discussion following the screening of his film The Unspeakable Act, has produced another understated masterpiece. The fourteen of the title refers to an important age in the life of two women—now young adults entering the workforce. Jo is a freespirited social worker looking for the right job and the right man. Mara is working her way steadily to a career in education, writing fiction on the side. The women drift in and out of each other’s lives, growing apart but seemingly always there when they need each other. Sallitt’s elliptical style captures the truth of that lingering association with someone who used to hold a dear place in our lives, while asking what it is that we owe our past, and the people who inhabit it.

Q&A with Director Dan Sallitt

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