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Friday, May 29—Thursday, June 13, 2020, Online

(Jeanne, Bruno Dumont, France 2019, 137 min., French w/subtitles)

Virtual Dryden Theatre | Streaming Online.  Following up his 2017 film Jeannette: The Childhood of Joan of Arc, director Bruno Dumont covers the final two years of Joan’s life in this film, following her defeat, capture, and trial. But Dumont is not interested in the bombast of Joan’s story. His film eschews the battle scenes, military capture, and torture to focus on the smaller important moments—discussions of philosophy and tactics, self-doubt and prayer, and the verbal machinations of biased court proceedings. It is a very talky film, when it isn’t singing. Yes, there are several musical asides where characters reveal their thoughts and feelings through song. And yet the film is not frivolous; it takes the characters and situations quite seriously. This is simply a style we have come to expect from Dumont, a filmmaker able to put his ambivalent cinematic predilections on screen.

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