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ONLINE—Once Upon a River

Friday, October 2—Thursday, November 5, 2020, Online

(Haroula Rose, US 2019, 92 min.)

This stunning debut from director Haroula Rose is a 1970s-set rural noir with a female protagonist. 15-year-old Margo Crane lives with her father along a river in Michigan. Her mother left over a year ago, and her father has taught her to live off the land and the water while he works at staying sober for her sake. When Margo’s burgeoning sexuality leads to a strained situation, events turn tragic and Margo finds herself on the run, trying to survive long enough to track down her mother, who left only a phone number behind. Part Megan Abbott, part Winter’s Bone, the film follows Margo’s trail of revelations as her picaresque takes her down the river, meeting a dying man (John Ashton) and a wayward college student (Ajuawak Kapashesit) along the way.

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