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Online—Other Music

Friday, June 12—Thursday, July 2, 2020, Online

(Puloma Basu, Rob Hatch-Miller, US 2019, 83 min.)

Virtual Dryden Theatre | Streaming Online. Other Music opened on East 4th Street in Manhattan in 1995. Located across the street from a Tower Records, the store provided an alternative to the mentality pushed by the large corporations. Focusing not only on independent and alternative music, but on world music and the history of recording, the store attracted employees and clientele deeply versed in the twisty, cross-cultural skeins of recorded music. It was also a makeshift performance space and launched the careers of some of the most respected independent rock bands of the last twenty years. As the industry shifted, Other Music faced the same challenges as its larger rivals, adding digital downloads and feeling the squeeze of physical property costs. When the store decided to close its doors in 2016, New York–based filmmakers Basu and Hatch-Miller grabbed their cameras to create this celebration and lament of another piece of New York that has disappeared.

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