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ONLINE—Sunless Shadows

Friday, August 7—Thursday, September 10, 2020,

(Mehrdad Oskouei, Iran/Norway 2019, 74 min.)

Documentarian Mehrdad Oskouei takes his camera inside a juvenile detention center for his fourth film focusing on the Iranian prison system. This time, he follows and interviews a group of young women convicted of murder, generally their fathers or husbands. Patterns emerge through the conversations, of domestic abuse and lack of support from family and society, and of regret, if not universal remorse. Inside, the women play games, raise children, cook, tend to birds, pray and engage in meditation. But their lives, and the lives of the mothers or sisters who are complicit in the same crimes, are in the hands of relatives who must forgive them their crimes if they are to be freed. Oskouei punctuates the film with video letters from the women themselves, often directed to their victims.

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