Thursday, January 12, 2017, 7:30 p.m.
, Dryden Theatre
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(Andrei Tarkovsky, Soviet Union 1972, 166 min., 35mm, Russian w/subtitles)

First Contact. Andrei Tarkovsky turns an innovative, pensive eye to the Space Age in one of his most critically acclaimed and globally recognizable efforts. In this visually stunning masterpiece, a psychologist travels to a space station orbiting the distant planet Solaris, finding the crew wrecked by emotional crisis and haunted by mysterious alien creatures. As he struggles to help the crew, he soon succumbs to the same crippling forces and discovers that the planet below is not what it seems. With patient, breathtaking cinematography and a metaphysically charged screenplay, this quiet film throws convention to the wind, inducing an experience that is dreamlike, cerebral, and unlike any other science-fiction film.

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Thursday, January 12, 2017
7:30 p.m.
Dryden Theatre
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