fbpx Sweetie | George Eastman Museum


Wednesday, September 8, 2021, 7:30 p.m., Dryden Theatre

(Jane Campion, Australia 1989, 97 min., 35mm, French w/subtitles)

Jane Campion’s first feature film is an unconventional, punkish, funny, and ultimately devastating, family drama about two sisters, one of whom is mentally troubled. Dawn (Geneviève Lemon), who goes by Sweetie, is plump, lively, and somewhat delusional, standing in sharp contrast to her wiry, superstitious and gloomy sister, Kay (Karen Colston), a sullen factory worker. Kay is pulled out of her day-to-day existence by Dawn's unwelcome chaotic return to their town, along with her disheveled boyfriend who has led Sweetie to believe he has the connections to get her into show business. Kay would like nothing more than to see Sweetie leave again, but her parents are no help as they have issues of their own. Cinematographer Sally Bongers communicates a distinct style that is dramatic and striking, using comic compositions that provide an avant-garde work of art.

35mm print from the Chicago Film Society.