fbpx [CANCELED] online workshop—Dutch Connection & Cyanotype Demo | George Eastman Museum

[CANCELED] online workshop—Dutch Connection & Cyanotype Demo

Friday, February 17, 2023, 12 p.m., Online

Inspired by the museum’s annual floral display, Dutch Connection, we’ll be showing you how to make cyanotypes using natural specimens. One of the simplest and safest forms of photography, cyanotypes require minimal chemistry and make beautiful blue photographs.

In this demonstration, Landscape Manager Dan Bellavia will talk about the flowers and history of Dutch Connection, giving us a quick behind the scenes glimpse at what it takes to create this display. Then, Historic Process Nick Brandreth will show you how to make these beautiful blue photographs, using minimal chemistry and flowers taken from Dutch Connection. Brandreth will provide a formula and give instructions on how you can make your own cyanotypes at home.