fbpx Kiliii Yuyan: On the Sea Ice, We Wear White | George Eastman Museum

Kiliii Yuyan: On the Sea Ice, We Wear White

Thursday, October 11, 2018, 6 p.m., Dryden Theatre

Kiliii Yuyan is an indigenous Hézhè and Chinese-American photographer, filmmaker, and journalist whose award-winning work has been published by the Nature Conservancy, NPR, Pacific Standard, and National Geographic Traveler. Yuyan's mission is to rewrite the narratives of minority and indigenous cultures—especially those who live close to the land. Against a backdrop of ecological upheaval, Yuyan shows us the essential connection to nature that has kept traditional cultures alive for millennia. His work presents an alternative vision of humanity’s greatest treasures—community, culture and the earth.

"As documentary photographer, you want to create enduring work, to be an insider, to see through the eyes of other cultures," Yuyan says.

From being adopted by an Inuit whaling family to becoming a shoulder to cry on for suicidal youth, Yuyan has gone deep into native communities to create photographs that are changing the perception of modern indigenous culture.

Generously sponsored by museum member Thomas N. Tischer.

Free to members, $6 general, $3 students