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ONLINE—Portrait of Jennie: The Rarest Cinematic Experience of All Time

Thursday, June 25, 2020, 1 p.m., Online

Portrait of Jennie is, ostensibly, an average film. It's another Jennifer Jones–starring David O. Selznick production. For most of its running time, it is an eerie and unusual love story typical of the chances filmmakers were taking in 1940s black-and-white cinema. But in the last reel, it passes through three color processes (two of which were obsolete) and a change in aspect ratio that was unheard of at the time.

Through this webinar, Curator of Film Exhibitions Jared Case, Preservation Manager Anthony L’Abbate, and Chief Projectionist Spencer Christiano will talk about the film, its technical peculiarities, how they fit in with cinema history, and how those aspects are re-created in a modern cinema. Christiano will stream live from the Dryden Theatre projection booth to demonstrate the techniques used to exhibit the film in a manner consistent with the filmmaker's artistic vision. With no Nitrate Picture Show this year, tune in and enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at what might have been—and will be again!