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Friday, June 26, 2015, 8 p.m., Dryden Theatre

Honeymoon follows newlyweds Mimi (Edith Meeks) and Michael (Dylan McCormick) in the turbulent days following their wedding.

“This is the most conventionally made film of my career: it had an editor, a sound editor, and a colorist; it ran the gamut of labs and technicians. I don’t think this industrial approach to filmmaking compromises the results much: there are certainly advantages to working with collaborators as well as risks, but I simply found it easier to take on these roles myself on later projects. A bigger difference between Honeymoon and my later work might be that the story is based on a concrete turn of events, whereas my later films are devoted more to states of mind than to occurrences. For this reason, I worry that I haven’t protected Honeymoon’s protagonists well enough against the judgments of viewers, and I sometimes ask audiences to make an effort to maintain sympathy with them. This hasn’t been an issue with any other of my films, which seem to have my own perspectives built into them to a greater extent. I remember being horrified when the idea of this film occurred to me, and it took me a day to resign myself to the rightness of the project; so I always sympathize when viewers recoil from the events on screen” – Dan Sallitt