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Labor Film Series

9 Films on Screen

A joint effort of the Dryden Theatre and the Rochester Labor Council, the Labor Film Series presents motion pictures celebrating workers of the world. The first film program of its kind in the US, the series includes dramas, comedies, and current documentaries on important issues relating to work and workers, especially aspects of work often marginalized or absent in dominant commercial media. Our films from around the globe are selected to inform, provoke, and inspire.

This year's program appropriately focuses on workers’ struggles in diverse contexts: frontline healthcare workers battling COVID-19 in a New York City hospital (The First Wave); women garment workers in Bangladesh struggling to form a union (Made in Bangladesh); war-widows in Kosovo struggling to find work and provide for their children (Hive); unskilled American workers fighting to form the IWW (The Wobblies); union members struggling to adapt to the demands of new Chinese managers (American Factory); incarcerated individuals rebelling against racism and the constraints of convict labor (Attica); a family in Indiana struggling to sustain its pizzeria (Family Business); a day laborer in Serbia fighting to retrieve his son from a corrupt social services bureaucracy (Father); and a hotel doorman in Berlin struggling to maintain his dignity in the face of ageism (The Last Laugh). Common to these films is the story of workers' determined and unflinching response to the physical, social and economic challenges they face.

See you at the movies! For more information visit rochesterlabor.org and laborfilms.org

September 2, Made in Bangladesh (Rubaiyat Hossain, 2019)

September 9, Attica (Traci Curry, Stanley Nelson, 2021)

September 16, The Last Laugh (Der letzte Mann, F. W. Murnau, 1924)

September 23, Father (Otac, Srdan Golubovic, 2020)

September 30, The Wobblies (Stewart Bird, Deborah Shaffer, 1979)

October 7, American Factory (Steven Bognar, Julia Reichert, 2019)

October 14, Family Business (Tom Cohen, 1978)

October 21, The First Wave (Matthew Heineman, 2021)

October 29, Hive (Blerta Basholi, 2021)


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