fbpx Lucinda Devlin: Sightlines | George Eastman Museum

Lucinda Devlin: Sightlines

June 24–December 31, 2017, Project Gallery

Selections from three series by photographer Lucinda Devlin (American, b. 1947) are featured in this exhibition: Pleasure Ground (1977–90), Corporal Arenas (1982–98), and The Omega Suites (1991–97). Best known for The Omega Suites—precisely composed images of execution chambers in the United States—Devlin has devoted her career to exploring the relationship between our bodies and the spaces that they inhabit. She has concentrated in particular on interiors associated with pleasure or pain, creating photographs that draw attention to the power relationships embedded in a room’s architecture and decor. At the same time, her photographs function as poignant meditations on the familiar yet extraordinary spaces in which our bodies pass time. 

This exhibition is selected from a full retrospective organized by the Weatherspoon Art Museum, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Support provided by the North Carolina Arts Council and the Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation. © Lucinda Devlin.

Audio Tour

In this tour of this exhibition, Lucinda Devlin provides an introduction to the series.