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Night and the City

Sunday, May 7, 2017, 10 a.m., Dryden Theatre

Jules Dassin, UK/US 1950
Print source: UCLA Film and Television Archive, Los Angeles
Running time: 111 minutes

About the print

This very special pre-release print of the noir classic runs ten minutes longer than the UK cut and a full fifteen minutes longer than the most widely known US cut. The print is in excellent condition. Shrinkage: 0.9–1.15%

About the film

“An exciting, suspenseful melodrama, . . . the story of a double-crossing heel who finally gets his just desserts. In this role, Richard Widmark scores a definite hit. And he has excellent support right down the line. Gene Tierney was cast for name value only. Jules Dassin, in his direction, manages extraordinarily interesting backgrounds, realistically filmed to create a feeling both of suspense and mounting menace.”

Variety, December 31, 1949

“An astringent melodrama based on the exploits of a London tout who is always running away from his past has been filmed in London by Twentieth Century-Fox. Night and the City has the great advantage of authentic atmosphere, well-defined acting and fluent direction. The plot veers between night clubs and wrestling rings with a great deal of mayhem and shady doings. Richard Widmark, Francis L. Sullivan, Gene Tierney and Googie Withers handle the principal roles capably, while the climax is as violent as one might have expected from the opening sequence.”

– Howard Barnes, New York Herald Tribune, June 10, 1950

“Stanislaus Zbyszko and Mike Mazurki are teamed in an impromptu grudge fight, which wrestling fans will have to judge for themselves. Screen brutality ordinarily doesn’t affect me, but I kept my eyes shut tight during this episode.”

– Mae Tinee, Chicago Daily Tribune, June 15, 1950