fbpx Richard Renaldi: Manhattan Sunday | George Eastman Museum

Richard Renaldi: Manhattan Sunday

Saturday, January 21, 2017, 12 a.m., Project Gallery

Exhibited at a museum for the first time, photographer Richard Renaldi’s new series consists of portraits, urban still lifes, and streetscapes made in the wee hours of Sunday morning, when post-bacchanalian characters join early-morning workers in New York City’s nooks and crannies. Renaldi uses an 8×10-inch view camera to make his pictures, resulting in meticulous black-and-white images that magnify the uniqueness of each subject while capturing the singular mood that suffuses the city in the hours before dawn. Implicit in the work is Renaldi’s personal experience as a gay nightclub denizen in New York during and after the AIDS crisis, as well as his appreciation for the myriad and motley ways that the urban context encourages social awareness and a strong, if temporary, sense of community.

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Inspired by Manhattan Sunday

We challenge you to get inspired by Richard Renaldi's work, and capture your own view of your city in the early hours of morning. Follow the link for further instructions and the gallery of photographs inspired by Manhattan Sunday.


Mixing Manhattan Sunday 00:07-10:35

A tribute to dance music through the ages inspired by three decades of nightclubbing. Listen to this 10+ hour playlist at your leisure. It goes deep and tribal in the middle and the last quarter is dedicated to "morning music," which you might hear at the end of long night at an after-hours club. – RR

You can listen to the playlist on this page, or can access it through Spotify or iTunes

Note: Some tracks have explicit lyrics.

Video Preview of Manhattan Sunday