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In Solidarity: Spotlighting Black Film Artists

FREE film series

Nine Wednesdays
July 7 to September 1

In solidarity with the Black community—which continues to face pervasive discrimination, bigotry, and violence—the George Eastman Museum spotlights the contributions of Black film artists with this series of nine motion pictures from 1930 to the present.

Black actors have appeared on cinema screens almost since the inception of motion pictures, but in early American cinema, they were usually cast in supporting roles, their characters existing in relation to white society. Yet, Black artists have created motion pictures of great emotion and import all along, both in front of and behind the camera as actors, singers, dancers, writers, and directors. In this special free series, the Dryden Theatre presents some of these works on the big screen. Come and join us in celebrating the long history—from the silent period to today—of the contributions of Black artists to cinema.

Presented in partnership with the PRISM Multicultural Center and Global Education and International Services at Monroe Community College; and the Levine Center to End Hate at the Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester.

This series is sponsored by the William & Sheila Konar Foundation.


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