fbpx Stephen King’s Dollar Babies, Program 1 | George Eastman Museum

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Stephen King’s Dollar Babies, Program 1

Thursday, October 17, 2019, 7:30 p.m., Dryden Theatre

Harvey’s Dream
(Jainardhan Sathyan, US 2016, 10 min., digital)

(Tyna Ezenma, US 2017, 19 min., digital)

Rest Stop
(Paul Mortsolf, US 2019, 14 min., digital)

Into the Night
(Walter Perez, US 2019, 33 min., digital)

Rainy Season
(Vanessa Ionta Wright, US 2017, 21 min., digital)

A Very Tight Place
(Stephen Tramontana, US 2019, 21 min., digital)

Stephen King’s Dollar Babies | Halloween | Filmmakers Q&A. Unnerving, disturbing tales are Stephen King’s specialty, as evidenced by these six films adapted from his short stories (see October 31 for a second program of Dollar Babies). An aging husband’s neurological decline may or may not reveal and unthinkable tragedy; a maid visits a priestess, who has some unusual advice about her unborn son and the author staying at her hotel; an author must decide how much he relates to the characters he’s created; a snowy crash in Jerusalem’s Lot causes trouble for a couple of nearby townsfolk; a young couple ignores warnings to leave their summer cottage; and a man’s plan for revenge hits a roadblock when he’s locked in a portable toilet.

After the program, directors Walter Perez and Stephen Tramontana will take the stage for a Q&A about their films.