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Stephen King’s Dollar Babies, Program 2

Thursday, October 31, 2019, 7:30 p.m., Dryden Theatre

Here There Be Tygers
(Bryan Higby, US 2019, 11 min., digital)

(Jon Mann, US 2019, 11 min., digital)

Rest Area
(Sean A. Skinner, US 2018, 21 min., digital)

All That You Love Will Be Carried Away
(Seth Friedman, US 2017, 14 min., digital)

My Pretty Pony
(Luke Jaden, US 2017, 33 min., digital)

The Road Virus Heads North
(Dave Brock, US 2004, 21 min., digital)

(Corey Mayne, US 2018, 13 min., digital)

Stephen King’s Dollar Babies | Halloween | Filmmakers Q&A. The horror from Stephen King continues (see October 17 for Program 1) with this septet of films based on his work. A tiger may or may not be hiding in an elementary school bathroom; a young boy loses his “Popsy,” creating opportunity for a serial kidnapper; an author struggles with the character that lives inside of her; a lonely traveling salesman contemplates publishing a book of bathroom graffiti; an aging grandfather (Tobin Bell) passes on to his grandson the true nature of time; a sinister painting seems to be changing as a man gets closer to home; and a band traveling to their next gig by train deal with troubles along the way . . . 

After the program, directors Seth Friedman and Corey Mayne will answer questions about the making of their films.