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Of Time and Buildings

Saturday, March 8, 2014, 12 a.m., Project Gallery

As photographs became increasingly ubiquitous in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, they came to play a major role in our understanding and experience of place. Of Time and Buildings presents the work of several artists who explore the relationship between photographic images of the built environment and our experience of place.

The photographers in this exhibition approach the photographic interpretation of the built environment in myriad ways. Some reinforce the conceptual goals of the public buildings that are their subject while others explore a more personal realm, in which the representation of space resonates with private significance.

In his photograph of what appears to be the flooded interior of Thomas Jefferson’s home, James Casebere suggests the power of architectural structures to initiate a connection between personal experience and historical memory. Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao is among the artists using digital means to achieve their goals. He combines multiple photographic images into a single city view, creating an unreal yet seemingly authentic impression. Also using digital tools, Susan Dobson creates images of buildings as she imagines they might become in the future, after they have succumbed to the inevitable effects of time and entropy.

Whether the places they depict are near or far, real or imaginary, the artists in this exhibition share a fundamental appreciation for the profound ways in which photographs affect and mediate our relationship to the spaces around us.

Artists whose work is featured in the exhibition include Feng Bin, John Divola, Odette England, Kenneth A. Hedrich, Eirik Johnson, Lori Nix, and Marc Yankus.