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ONLINE—Gelatin Dry Plates: George Eastman & Demonstration

Friday, July 23, 2021, 1 p.m., Online

Want to learn more about the photographic process that sparked George Eastman's success? Join us as we explore the history and demonstrate the process of making gelatin dry plates. It was his innovation with dry plates that led Eastman to found the company that would eventually become Eastman Kodak.

In this webinar, George Eastman Legacy Curator Kathy Connor will share Eastman’s story, early trials and challenges, and how his innovations changed his life and set his legacy in place. Then, Historic Process Specialist Nick Brandreth will demonstrate how gelatin dry plates are made, showing the features that make them superior to wet collodion. 

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Recording of this demonstration will be available to all paid attendees and members.

Note: This demonstration does not include specific instructions or guidance on how to make your own gelatin dry plates If you are interested in diving deeper, getting the full recipe, and learning more, please attend our Gelatin Dry Plates Workshop. E-mail workshops@eastman.org for information.

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