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Stills, Posters, and Paper Collection Request

Digital reproductions and frame enlargements from the Moving Image Stills, Posters, and Paper Collection are available to commercial and nonprofit institutions and to individuals.

Digital Reproductions

All photographs are scanned at 300 dpi. Scans at a higher resolution and custom adjustments to images carry an additional charge. Digital images can be delivered as TIFF (via mail on CD or DVD, with applicable shipping charges) or JPEG (via e-mail). Digital prints may also be made at an additional charge, plus access, scanning, and shipping fees.

Frame Enlargements—Special Order

Frame enlargements may be obtained by two methods:

  1. Staff will view the film print, locate the desired film frame, and make a digital copy. Digital copies will be sent as TIFF or JPEG files by e-mail or CD, or in hard copy.
  2. Researchers can schedule a research appointment in the Moving Image Study Center to view a film under staff supervision. Appointments must be made at least three weeks in advance. Once images are selected, digital copies will be made and delivered within ten business days.

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The George Eastman Museum does not grant or imply copyright clearance for any images obtained from its collection. The individual or institution requesting images must clear copyright for any potentially copyright-protected material. The Eastman Museum is not liable for any infringement of copyright by those requesting images from the collection. Stills provided may not be copied or altered without the written consent of the Eastman Museum.