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Still of George Eastman

George Eastman Greeting SMPE Meeting (US 1930)

Still from The Wet Collodion Process

A Cinematic History of Photographic Technology

Still from Gone with the Wind

The David O. Selznick Screen Tests

Still from unidentified film

Unidentified Films

Still from Montage II

Montage series


All Digitized Films

Still from unidentified film

5 on 105 (US 1974)

Still from The Black Pirate

[The Black Pirate – Mary Pickford Technicolor No. 2 Test] (US 1926)

Still from ColorFul Fashions

Colorful Fashions from Paris Displayed by Hope Hampton—McCall’s Color Fashion News (US 1926)

Still of a skunk

A Connecticut Skunk Farm (A Long Island Skunk Farm) (US 1914)

Still from Daguerreotype Likenesses

Daguerreotype Likenesses (US ca. 1949)

still from dancing james berry

Dancing James Berry (Artists in Jazz #1: Dancing James Berry) (US 1958)

animation still of people dancing

Das Ornament des verliebten Herzens (Germany 1919)

Still from Emergency Ward

Emergency Ward (Emergency Ward, St. Vincent’s Hospital, New York City) (US 1952)

Still from Eyes of Science

Eyes of Science (US 1930)

Still from Flute of Krishna

The Flute of Krishna (US 1926)

Still from Fly Low Jack, and the Game

Fly Low Jack, and the Game (US 1927)

Still from forcing the force

Forcing the Force [Hoodwinking the Police] (US 1914)

Still from The Gaucho

[The Gaucho – Outtakes of Technicolor Inserts] (US 1927)

Still of George Eastman

George Eastman Greeting SMPE Meeting (US 1930)

Still from a screen test

Gone with the Wind – Makeup and Wardrobe Tests (US 1939)

Still of George Eastman

Guests at the Presentation of Kodacolor at the Home of Mr. George Eastman, Rochester, N.Y. (US 1928)

water's edge

Here at the Water’s Edge (US 1962)

Still from highlights and shadows

Highlights and Shadows (US 1938)

Still from Hollywouldn't

Hollywouldn't (US 1925)

Still from It Never Happened

It Never Happened (US 1934)

joan crawford

[Joan Crawford Home Movies] (US ca. 1940–42)

key to beauty film still

The Key to Beauty (US 1917)

Film from Latest Kinks in Canning

The Latest Kinks in Canning (US 1917)

Still from The Lost World

The Lost World (US 1925)

Still from Love or Justice?

Love or Justice? [The Woman of It] (US 1917)

Still from a screen test

Margaret Tallichet Screen Tests (US 1938–1939)

Still from Montage I

Montage I: Paint and Painter (US 1959)

Still from Montage II

Montage II: Ephemeral Blue (US ca. 1960)

Still from Montage IV

Montage IV: The Garden of Eden (US 1962)

Still from Montage V

Montage V: How to Play Pinball (US 1963)

Still of Ingrid Bergman

Motion Picture Industry Red Cross War Fund Week Trailer (US 1945)

Still from Movie Actor

Movie Actor [Attore Cinematografico] (US 1932)

Still from Negatives on Paper: Talbot's Process

Negatives on Paper: Talbot's Process (US ca. 1949)

Still from Operation Breadbasket

Operation Breadbasket (US 1969)

Still from unidentified film

Stairs I: Geneva (Switzerland 1994)

Still from Stolen Voice

The Stolen Voice (US 1915)

Still from Too much johnson

Too Much Johnson (US 1938)

Still from Trespasser

Trespasser (US 1929)

Still from unidentified film

When Heart Wires Cross (US 1911)

Still from unidentified film

[Unidentified—Two Men in a Punt] and The Seaforth Highlanders’ Return to Cairo after the Fall of Omdurman and Khartoum (UK 1898)

Still from The Wet Collodion Process

The Wet Collodion Process (US ca. 1949)

Still from Young Fighter

The Young Fighter (US 1953)

Still from a screen test

The Young in Heart Tests (US 1938)