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K–12 Resources


The George Eastman Museum serves students and educators through programs that provide creative approaches to the curriculum. Whether on-site or online, our resources help students to explore a range of subjects, including photography, history, technology, and language arts.

Hands-On Activities

Pre-Cinema Activities

These activities are designed to demystify the illusion of motion. All types of moving image devices—from simple flipbooks to motion picture film—operate on a basic set of principles. By making your own motion-picture devices, you will learn how our eyes perceive motion where there is only a series of still images. 


PDF instructions: 

Photography Activities

These activities are a fun, hands-on way to explore the basics of photography using objects you can find around your home. 


Virtual Tours

Explore the museum from home with our virtual tours. Through the links below, you can access the historic mansion, see select behind-the-scenes areas, and tour the gardens in full bloom.